Hayyakom, Spreading Awareness of UAE Identity

The UAE has become a significant economy to the whole world, and a cultural beacon to the Emirati people and those who live in it. And because of the strong belief of the Emirati government in education and its effect on future generations, the education sector has developed rapidly.

Hayyakom is a government initiative, which aims to spread awareness of the UAE identity and Emirati culture using the latest technologies and the smart learning methods. This initiative intends to reinforce the Emirati identity and culture. In addition, to encourage students to retain their Emirati values and the identity of their country.

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The cultural awareness program includes 10 chapters covering different topics about the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates , in addition to the most important aspects of its glorious history and shining present:

Latest News

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Launching of Hayyakom Training Program

In the completion of the educational program initiative "Hayyakom" activities, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the school districts has held a number of meetings with the private schools principals announcing the launching of [...]

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Training workshops on “Hayyakom” initiative, for representatives from all private schools

The Ministry of Education has held training workshops within its induction initiative “Hayyakom”, the Program that seeks to promote awareness of UAE and its national identity. These workshops have been held at “The Regional Center [...]

UAE History & Civilization


UAE from the modern ages till being federal state

Archeological excavations and antiques found in many areas of the country have proved that a great civilisation used to be prosperous in the area known today as the United Arab Emirates. The civilisation dates back to 4000 BC, and was connected to the neighbouring civilisations. Pieces of coloured pottery that have been uncovered were imported from Mesopotamia. They date back to 3000 BC, which indicate the links between these areas and the people of South Iraq. Various stone tools, sharp sword blades and metal sheets were found. Excavations show forts at Hilly site, Bidya, Tell Abraq and Kalbaa that date back 2500-2000 B.C. Recent discoveries show a square citadel with square towers at its corners, in addition to an external wall of 55m long, and a stone mould to make metal coins inside the citadel. With the coming of …

Hayyakom in Figures

Registered Teachers in Hayyakom: 14145
Teachers Enrolled in Courses: 11298

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